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Welcome to the Savagepedia, an unofficial Savage Worlds wiki containing creative content from the Savage Worlds community! Savagepedia is a fan-made and -maintained Wiki for Savage Worlds. Here, you'll find information on all the different settings, monsters. Edges, Hindrances, and more, as well as links to other helpful Savage Sites. You'll even find homebrewed Edges, Hindrances, races and powers; fan-created adventures; and pre-generated characters for use in your own Savage Worlds game.

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Please note that no official or licensee content should be posted here. All indexes include only references to published content.
  • Characters and Races - Popular character stats, pre-generated characters, and official and community-created races.
  • Edges and Hindrances - Official, licensee, and community-created Edges and Hindrances.
  • Gear - Equipment, weapons, armor, vehicles, etc.
  • Powers - Official, licensee, and community-created powers.
  • Monsters and Mooks - Official, converted, and created monsters and mooks.
  • Savage Conversions - Conversions of various settings and other RPGs to Savage Worlds.
  • Savage Settings - An overview and related information about the official and licensed Savage Settings.
  • Gaming Aids - Links to information that will help you play and enjoy Savage Worlds.
  • House Rules - The core rules are great, but we all have our little tweaks.
  • Showdown - Links to information about the miniatures-only version of Savage Worlds.
  • Important Links - Links to important Savage Worlds web sites and other information sources.
  • Savage Feed - The one RSS feed to rule them all.
  • Shark Bytes - Archive for old Shark Bytes fanzine PDFs and resources.


  • Core Rules FAQ - A complied list of the questions answered on the Pinnacle forums.
  • Pinnacle FAQ - Questions Pinnacle is frequently asked and the answers most often provided by the Pinnacle Staff.


  • What's New - Check out the latest changes on the site. For detailed changes, you can always view each page's history.
  • Policies and Guidelines - Make sure you read this page before you start contributing to this wiki. It's important for all of us to be on the same page.
  • Sandbox - What should we do next on the wiki? Or, add some new links to pages that you've created that don't have a home yet.
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