Savage Werewolf

The Savage Worlds Conversion Guide for Werewolf the Apocalypse

Character Creation

Basic Character creation with the following additions:


Rage: Whenever a garou is to make Frenzy roll* they must make a successful Spirit roll (modified by Auspice) or Wild Attack against the closest perceived foe every turn. Lasts until the garou’s foes are defeated or a successful Spirit roll is made.
*”Frenzy roll” here refers to how the term is applied in W:tA.
Warriors of Gaia: Garou are expected to dedicate their lives to fighting the Wyrm and other enemies of Gaia. A werewolf that shirks their duty may be stripped of their powers and ostracized from garou society, or worse. Garou are always under threat of attack by servants of the Wyrm.
Wolf Blood: Because of their inherently feral nature most people and animals find the garou unnerving to be around. Garou start with –1 Charisma and have a –2 penalty to Ride rolls. This Hindrance may be bought off.


Frenzy: As per the normal SW Edge.
Regeneration: Once per round a garou can make a Vigor roll to remove a single Wound. If the Wound was inflicted by either fire or a supernatural source (including the claws/teeth of a werewolf), i.e. “aggravated damage” then the Vigor roll can only be made once per hour. If the Wound was inflicted by silver then there is no Vigor roll. There is no regeneration while in “breed” form.
Favored of Luna: When in full view of the moon during the phase that corresponds to their Auspice a garou can take an extra action every turn, ignoring the multi-action penalty and get +2 to recover from being Shaken.
Arcane Background (Werewolf)): Garou start with three Gifts (Powers) and an amount of Gnosis (Power Points) as determined by their breed. A garou may shift into any of the following forms:
Homid- no stat change
Glabro- +2 steps Strength, + 2 steps Vigor, -2 Charisma
Crinos- +4 steps Strength, +1 step Agility, +3 steps Vigor, -4 Charisma, +1 Pace, +1d4 Damage
Hisbo- +3 steps Strength, +2 steps Agility, +3 steps Vigor, X Charisma*, +2 Pace, +1d4 Damage
Lupus- +1 step Strength, +2 steps Agility, +2 steps Vigor, X Charisma*, +3 Pace, +2 to Notice rolls
*Charisma is non-applicable in these forms.
Shifting into Breed-form can be done as an instant free action. Shifting into any other form may require a Spirit roll (GM discretion) and takes a full turn. Spending a point of Gnosis can allow a character to shift into any form instantly.

Werewolf characters also select a Breed, Auspice, and Tribe during character creation.

Homid- One starting gnosis. No gnosis penalty for holding silver.
Metis- Three starting gnosis. d4 Knowledge (Garou Society). Must start with a deformity/Hindrance . Sample deformities: All Thumbs, Anemic, Bad Eyesight, Blind, Delusional, Hard of Hearing, Lame, One Arm, One Eye, One Leg, Phobia, Small, Ugly, No Claws (Minor), -1 die step Agility (Major), -1 die step Strength (Major), -1 die step Vigor (Major). If a major deformity/Hindrance is taken then the character may start with one extra gnosis. Additionally, Metis are considered to have the Outsider Hindrance amongst certain tribes.
Lupus- Five starting gnosis. Cannot begin as starting Novice characters with Drive, Pilot, Ride, or Shooting. Any Knowledges can only be taken with GM approval. Lupus are also at –2 to all Common Knowledge rolls. Lupus cannot buy off the Wolf Blood Hindrance.

*Note: For must purposes treat “Gnosis” just like “Power Points” as described in Savage Worlds. Including recovery time, the Power Points Edge, etc.

Ragabash, +2 on rolls to resist frenzying.
Theurge, +1 on rolls to resist frenzying.
Galliard, -1 on rolls to resist frenzying.
Ahroun, -2 on rolls to resist frenzying.

Certain tribes have beginning Edge restrictions, most of them are common sense. (For instance, Bone Gnawers cannot take Noble, Rich, or Pure Breed.)
Silver Fangs start with the Pure Breed Edge for free.

Werewolf the Apocalypse
Savage Worlds
Rank 1 (Cliath)
Rank 2 (Fostern)
Rank 3 (Adren)
Rank 4 (Athro)
Rank 5 (Elder)

Novice characters begin with three Gifts from the options granted by Breed, Auspice, and Tribe. Further Gifts can be purchased with advancements ala the “Extra Power” Edge. (Most Gifts can easily be converted. Here I am only giving the system changes for the Level One/Novice Gifts from W:tA 2nd ed.)

Breed Gifts:

Persuasion- Make a successful Persuasion roll and get +1 Charisma for a scene.

Smell of Man- When a garou activates this Gift center a Large Burst Template on the garou. All (non-supernatural) animals within the template are at –2 to all dice rolls.

Create Element- Spend one point of Gnosis and make a Spirit roll. For every succes and raise one cubic foot of the desired element is created one foot in front of the garou.
Sense Wyrm- The garou must spend a point of gnosis and make a successful Notice roll.

Heightened Senses- The garou spends a point of gnosis and gets +2 to all Notice rolls for one hour.
Leap of the Kangaroo- For the cost of a gnosis point the garou can double their jumping distance for a single action.

Auspice Gifts:

Blur of the Milky Eye- The garou makes a Stealth roll at –2, a success means that anyone attempting to notice the garou is at a –2 penalty. For every Raise on the Stealth roll there is an additional –2 penalty to notice the Garou.
Open Seal- The garou can open nearly any lock or closed device by spending a point of gnosis.
Scent of Running Water- Anyone attempting to track a garou who has this gift is at a –2 penalty to their tracking roll.

Mother’s Touch- The garou spends a gnosis point and makes a Healing roll, if successful heal the target of one Wound.
Sense Wyrm- (as above)
Spirit Speech- The garou can communicate with spirits.

Resist Pain- The garou spends a gnosis and can ignore all Wound penalties for a scene.
Scent of the True Form- The garou can always tell if someone else is a werewolf and with a successful Notice roll at –2 can detect other supernatural creatures.
Truth of Gaia- With a successful Smarts roll the garou can tell if someone is lying or telling the truth.


Beast Speech- By spending a point of Gnosis, the Garou may speak to a particular type of animal for a scene.

Call of the Wyld- The Garou can make a Vigor (with Charisma modifier) roll. All Garou who hear the howl respond to the call.
Mindspeak- Garou can spend one Gnosis point per sentient being to create a telepathic link. There is a contested Spirit roll if any of the participants are unwilling.

Inspiration-The Garou can spend one Gnosis point to give all packmates +2 to all Spirit rolls for a scene.
Razor Claws- The Garou spends one Gnosis and his claw attacks do Strength+d6 for the remainder of the scene.
The Falling Touch- A successful touch attack sends the victim to the ground.

Tribe Gifts:

Black Fury
Heightened Senses- (as above)
Sense Wyrm- (as above)

Bone Gnawers
Cooking- A successful survival roll results in a foul, but edible mush. There is a –4 to the roll if there is anything toxic or poisonous in the mix.
Scent of Sweet Honey- The garou must spend a point of gnosis and make a Persuasion roll. The effect lasts for one hour plus an additional hour for every Raise on the Persuasion roll.

Children of Gaia
Mother’s Touch- (as above)
Resist Pain- (as above)

Persuasion- (as above)
Resist Toxin- With a successful Vigor roll the garou can avoid taking damage from any poison or disease, including some supernatural ones.

Get of Fenris
Razor Claws- (as above)
Resist Pain- (as above)

Glass Walker
Control Simple Machine- The garou must spend a gnosis point and succeed at a Repair roll. The effect lasts for the duration of the scene.
Persuasion- (as above)

Red Talons
Beast Speech- (as above)
Scent of Running Water- (as above)

Shadow Lords
Fatal Flaw- The garou must spend a full round focusing on an opponent (not even taking defensive actions) and make a Notice roll. If successful the garou rolls an extra d4 damage against that opponent. If the Notice roll succeeded with a Raise then the garou also gets a +2 to his first attack against the opponent.
Aura of Confidence- With a successful Spirit roll the garou prevents others from reading his aura or detecting his weaknesses (such as with the Fatal Flaw gift). If the garou also spends a gnosis point then he is also immune to Intimidate or Taunt attempts. The effects last for the duration of a single encounter.

Silent Striders
Sense Wyrm- (as above)
Speed of Thought- The garou can spend a gnosis point to double their normal Pace and increase their Running die by two steps. This lasts for a single scene.

Silver Fangs
Lambent Flame- The garou spends a point of gnosis to emit a bright silvery light that illuminates a 100-foot radius around him. The glare from the light makes him harder to hit and more imposing; the garou gains +1 Parry and +2 to Intimidation rolls. However, opponents are at +1 on their ranged attacks against the garou and any darkness penalties are eliminated. Any Stealth rolls made by the garou automatically fail. This lasts for one scene.
Sense Wyrm- (as above)

Balance- The garou always gets +2 to Climbing rolls and +2 to any Agility roll involving balance.
Sense Wyrm- (as above)

Sense Magic- With a successful Notice roll the garou can detect any magic actively being used in a range equal to the garou’s Spirit. A successful Knowledge (magic/arcane/occult) roll is required to tell the specifics of the magic being used.
Shroud- The garou can spend a point of gnosis to create patch of inky darkness the size of a Medium Burst Template within a range equal to the garou’s Spirit. A successful Spirit roll is required for areas that are brightly lit, including outdoors at noon.

Call the Breeze- The garou summons the breeze by whistling (-1 to Stealth) and it hampers the hearing and smelling of anyone the breeze is directed against, causing a –2 to Notice rolls that rely on either of those senses. Situationally, this Gift can be used to enhance an Intimidation attempt.
Camouflage- While in the wilderness any attempt to Notice this garou is at a –3 penalty.


A garou knows a number of Rites equal to half the die-type of their Knowledge (Rituals) skill. With GM approval a Theurge may take an additional Rite per Rank. Garou cannot know any Rites with a level higher than their subjective skill level (see chart).
d4 Knowledge (Rituals)
Level One
d6 Knowledge (Rituals)
Level Two
d8 Knowledge (Rituals)
Level Three
d10 Knowledge (Rituals)
Level Four
d12 Knowledge (Rituals)
Level Five


For the sake of simplicity I am assigning a dollar value for the fetishes by level. Don’t think of it as your character actually exchanging money for these items, but as that starting $500 you get in Savage Worlds as nebulous resources that include time, effort, inheritance, favors, physical labor, inheritance, and actual cash. The cost for fetishes is on top of any other weapons/equipment that you want to buy.
Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Level Four
Level Five
Yes, that means you can’t start with a level five fetish unless you take the Rich or Noble Edge. That’s how I decided to do it. After character creation the above price table no longer applies. Fetishes are basically a GM managed resource.

It takes one standard action to activate a fetish. No roll is required.

A klaive typically does Str + d6 “aggravated” damage, AP 1

New Hindrances:

Banned Transformation (Minor/Major)
Your character has a difficult time shifting forms sometimes. As a Minor Hindrance it might be that the presence of silver (within 5”) prevents you from shifting or simply needing to spend a point of gnosis each time you shift. As a Major Hindrance you are even more limited, such as requiring that the moon be in sight or only being able to shift during your moon phase.
Forced Transformation (Minor)
The sight of your auspice moon forces you to shift into Crinos (or into Hisbo) unless you spend a point of gnosis and make a Spirit roll. This only happens once per night upon first seeing the moon (or being exposed to its light).
Pack Dependency (Minor)
Your garou is ill-at ease without his pack around him and sometimes freezes up entirely. The character is at a –2 Charisma penalty and is automatically Shaken at the start of combat if none of his packmates are present.

New Edges:

Past Life (Background Edge)

Once per game session this garou can make a Spirit roll as a free action. If successful the player may add two to the result of their next skill roll. If there was a Raise then the player may add four.

Pure Breed (Background Edge)
The Garou has +3 Charisma. This Charisma bonus only applies when dealing with other garou.
Silver Tolerance (Background Edge)
Silver affects you less than it does other garou. You may spend bennies to soak wounds inflicted by silver and may make Regeneration rolls for silver-inflicted wounds once per hour.

Fair Glabro (Weird Edge)

Requirements: The Wolf Blood Hindrance must have been bought off.
Your Glabro form can pass as human and takes no penalties to Charisma.
Untamable (Weird Edge)
Requirements: Spirit d8+
This garou is immune to mind control powers including the Gifts Roll Over, Obedience, Mastery, and the vampire power Domination.

For lack of a better term I’m utilizing a concept called “Pack Points”. These points are calculated and spent, primarily when a pack is first formed (usually coinciding with character creation).

Gaining Pack Points
A pack begins with one point per packmember.
One additional point is accrued for each of the following conditions:
- The purpose for the pack’s formation is clearly established. (Does this pack have a “mission statement”?)
- Each major roll role within the pack is clearly defined. There can be no dispute as to who either the pack Alpha is or even who the Beta is.
- Each of the five auspices is represented.
- An appropriate tithe or supplication is given to the pack’s totem beyond the listed Ban. (What constitutes as “appropriate” is entirely up to the GM.)
- Each member of the pack advancing in Rank. (ex. Once all of the characters have reached Seasoned then the pack gains another point. Said point will generally go towards purchasing a new Pack Tactic.)
A five member “Silver Pack” (one of each auspice) that are all of Adren/Veteran Rank can have up to 11 Pack Points. If said pack never established who their second-in-command is though, then they’d have failed to meet the second extra condition and would only have 10 Pack Points.
Spending Pack Points
The primary point expenditure comes in purchasing a pack Totem. The Pack Point cost is equivalent to the listed Background cost in whichever W:tA book you’re pulling your totem from. Converting the benefit granted by said totem into Savage Worlds is up to you.
Remaining Pack Points can be spent on Pack Tactics or on Sept Favors.

Sept Favors

This is a fairly amorphous concept and how much or little it should be used is up the GM. Some sample Sept Favors that can be purchased for one Pack Point include:
Access to a cache of weapons and/or fetishes.
Frequent use of the Rite-Master’s time.
The ability to summon reinforcements from the sept. (They trust you and will quickly send strong and reliable warriors if asked.)

Pack Tactics

What follows is a list of sample Pack Tactics, each costing a single Pack Point. (Of course if the GM thinks that any of them are over-powered he can increase the cost or simply ban them.)
- Bolster: Any member of this pack can make a Persuasion roll as a free action to unshake a packmate. This may only be attempted once per Shaken result.
- Chilling Howl: If a member of this pack succeeds in an Intimidation roll against an opponent then all of the members of the pack get +2 to their next action against the target. Generally the other pack members give a united howl while the Intimidation is occurring.
- Drawing Their Fire: Members of this pack can make a Taunt roll to force an opponent to attack them on their next action.
- Find Weakness: If a member of this pack has caused a Wound to an opponent then all of the members of the pack get the benefit of having rolled a Raise the next time they successfully hit that opponent.
- Flying Wolves: This pack nimbly runs and leaps over one another as they enter combat to keep their foes off balance. Every member of this pack that performs an Agility trick gets +1 to their roll for each packmate that did an Agility trick earlier that round.
- Licking the Wounds: Members of this pack get +2 on Healing rolls made for their packmates.
- Overwhelm: Whenever two or more members of the pack are benefiting from a Gang Up bonus they get an additional +1 to all attack rolls.
- Improved Overwhelm: Whenever two or more members of the pack are benefiting from a Gang Up bonus they get an additional +2 to all attack rolls. (This tactic cannot be purchased unless Overwhelm has been purchased.)
- Pack Mentality: Members of this pack can spend their own bennies for other members of their pack, but at the cost of one additional benny.
- Improved Pack Mentality: Members of this pack can spend their own bennies for other members of their pack. (This tactic cannot be purchased unless Pack Mentality has been purchased.)
- Running with the Pack: The packmate who draws the lowest Initiative card may discard it and draw again.
- Improved Running with the Pack: The two packmates who drew the lowest Initiative cards may discard them and draw again. (This tactic cannot be purchased unless Running with the Pack has been purchased.)
- Watching your Flank: Members of this pack can take an action to lend their Parry to an adjacent packmate. The effect lasts until the lending packmate’s next turn.