Advanced Two fisted

Requirements: Two fisted, Seasoned
Like Two fisted, but you can take any two actions as long as each is "one-handed", such as casting a spell and fighting, driving and shooting a pistol, an Agility Trick and an attack, etc.


Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8, Notice d8
This character is trained or instinctively aware of incoming Area Effect attacks. If an Area Effect attack does not allow an Agility roll to avoid, he gets an Agility roll at -2 to avoid it. If an attack does allow an Agility roll to avoid it's effects, each raise on his roll allows him to push or otherwise move an ally out of the area as well as himself. If an Area Effect attack is not avoided with Agility but another Trait instead, the character may make his Agility roll first at -2, and if failed, he still gets the other Trait roll as normal.

Artful Dodger
Requirements: Agility d10+
The 'Artful Dodger' may not know how to hit someone but certainly does know how to make them miss! The character with this may use 1/2 Agility + 2 as their base parry score in place of fighting. The character also does not provoke the 'unarmed defender' bonus unless their last action was an attack.
Mylon, UmbraLux


Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d10+
The warrior is experienced at moving across a large distance and getting the most effect out of rushing his foe. He may ignore the standard penalty for Running when making a Fighting attack.
Shaintar: Immortal Legends with permission


Requirements: Seasoned, First Strike, Fighting d8+
Fighters trained in this aggressive technique know how to deflect an attack and turn their defense into an attack of their own. The counterstrike is not without risk, as fighter can still be struck by his opponent even if his own attack hits.
A fighter may announce his intent to use counterstrike when an attack is declared upon him, but before the fighting roll against him is made. After announcing the counterstrike his Parry is lowered by 2 until his next action. The fighter then makes a counterstrike (fighting roll) and compares the result against his attacker’s fighting roll and Parry value. If the counterstrike exceeds the attacker’s fighting roll then he has parried the blow. If the counterstrike meets or exceeds the attacker’s Parry value, then the attacker has been struck by the counterstrike and damage is rolled. With this technique it is possible to not exceed the attacker’s fighting roll but still land a hit on him, resulting in damage being rolled by both combatants.
Only one counterstrike attempt may be made per round. Counterstrike cannot be used in the same round as First Strike, and vice versa. Counterstrike may be combined with a wild attack.
Armoury Games

Distracting Attack

Requirements: Smarts d6, Fighting d6
You can distract an enemy to allow your ally a better shot. Make a normal attack roll; if you hit, you deal no damage but the next ally to attack that enemy gains a +2 bonus on their Fighting roll. The bonus disappears once someone attacks the enemy (successful or not), the enemy acts, or the round ends.


Requirements: Novice, Fleet-Footed, Agility d8+, Strength d6+, Climbing d8+
Freerunners don't move through objects, they are just so quick and agile its almost as if they do. Freerunners study the art of getting from point A to point B in the most effective manner through climbing, jumping, rolling, and most importantly... running! With a successful Agility roll per round of freerunning, the hero may pass over any obstacle and continue on as if it wasn't there, while taking a running action and while not encumbred. The only exception is large, tall, solid objects which must be climbed. As a general rule, any object up to 1 cubic game inch is easily passable. In addition, Freerunners recieve a +2 bonus on all climbing rolls and climb half strength +2 " per round instead of half strength. (This edge works best in urban/ modern settings)

Frenzied Archer

Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d10+
Frenzied archers sacrifice accuracy for a higher rate of fire. Heroes with this edge can make 2 shooting attacks in a single round. However, all shooting rolls suffer a -2 penalty. The additional attack must be used with another shooting roll, and only one wild die may be used with both rolls for Wild Cards. If wanted, up to two different targets may be selected. This ability may not be used in conjunction with the aim manuever.

Improved Frenzied Archer

Requirements: Veteran, Frenzied Archer
Same as above, however the archer may ignore the -2 penalty.

Hold Off

Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d8+, Fighting d10+
The character is skilled at using the reach and size of a larger weapon to enhance their defensive posture. The hero adds +1 to his Parry if using a weapon with a Reach of 1 or more. This is in addition to any bonus already granted by such a weapon.
Shaintar: Immortal Legends with permission

Improved Avoidance

Requirements: Veteran, Avoidance
Even if the character fails to escape an Area Effect attack, he is still able to find some level of protection for himself. If the character fails to avoid an Area Effect attack, he is considered to have at least Medium Cover against the damage (+2 Armor). If the character already has Medium or better cover, its effect is increased one level up to a maximum of near total cover (-6 or +6 Armor). If the Area Effect attack is not damaging (like an entangle or stun spell), the character gains a +2 bonus to escape or avoid its effect.

Improved Defend

Requirements: Heroic or Kor-In Student, Agility d8+, Fighting d10+
The character masters his defensive techniques. A character with this Edge who performs the Defend action gains a +4 to his Parry (instead of just +2). He also subtracts 2 from any ranged attacks against him this round, as well as adding +2 to any attempts to evade area effect attacks.
Shaintar: Immortal Legends with permission [3]

Improved Rapid Fire

Requirements: Veteran, Rapid Fire
You can use a non-fully automatic weapon to perform Suppressive Fire. Such use requires firing 5 shots from the weapon and only affects a Small Burst Template instead of a Medium one, but otherwise works as listed for Suppressive Fire.
(by Clint Black on the Savage Worlds Forums)


Requirements: Novice, Unarmed Warrior
Sometimes you just get the right angle when you hit an opponent, and you send him flying. Characters with this edge can choose to forgo the additional d6 damage from a raise on their Fighting roll in favor of sending their opponent flying 1d4” directly away from them. If the opponent strikes a solid object, such as a wall, they are automatically Shaken. If already Shaken, the opponent takes a wound.

Mighty Grip

Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d10+, Fighting d8+
Fighters with this edge have developed a stone grip, alowing him to wield 2 handed swords, axes, and maces in his main hand. While wielding a 2-handed weapon the hero recieves a -1 parry in additon to any negatives applied by the weapon itself.

Improved Mighty Grip

Requirements: Veteran, Mighty Grip, Fighting d10+
Same as above, however the hero does not recieve the additional -1 parry for wielding a 2-handed weapon.

Phalanx Fighter

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+
You are part of a highly trained fighting unit that knows how to work together to defend each other. You receive a +1 Parry bonus for each adjacent ally who also possesses this Edge, up to a maximum bonus of +4.

Rapid Fire

Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d8
This character is capable of pulling a trigger faster and retaining accuracy. He can use Double Tap with a weapon not normally capable of it (as long as the weapon does not needed to be reloaded between shots), and he can use Three Round Burst with a weapon capable of Double Tap.
(by Clint Black on the Savage Worlds Forums)


Requirements: Seasoned
The trials of battle have left your hero resistant to less debilitating wounds. Add +2 to his Vigor rolls when trying to Soak.

Shield Expertise

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d6, Fighting d8
Many soldiers train in the use of weapon-and-shield combat, but the dedicated warrior learns how to make a shield a very powerful tool in surviving combat. A character with Shield Expertise increases the Parry value of any Shield by +1 while worn. [1][2]
Shaintar: Immortal Legends web extra

Shield Mastery

Requirements: Veteran, Shield Expertise, Two-Fisted, Fighting d10+
A true master with weapon-and-shield combat learns how to use his shield offensively while maintain the defensive value of it. Shield Mastery allows the warrior to make an attack with his shield without losing the Parry bonus it confers. Medium Shields (or less) do STR+1 damage, while a Large (or greater) Shield does STR+2. [1][2]
Shaintar: Immortal Legends web extra

Shield Guardian

Requirements: Heroic, Shield Expertise
For some warriors, the shield becomes a powerful symbol of not only self-defense, but the defense of others they are sworn to protect. The Shield Guardian has learned how to use his Shield to effectively protect another as well as himself. Before taking an Action, a character with this Edge can declare an adjacent character as receiving all of the same defensive bonuses he receives from the Shield (Parry bonuses, Shield bonues to Armor against ranged damage); these bonuses are shared, not lost. If the declared target moves away from the Guardian, the bonuses are lost to the target (though not to the Guardian). The shared defenses remain applied until the Shield Guardian acts again.
Shaintar: Immortal Legends web extra

Stand and fight

Requirements: Rock and Roll, Shooting d10+
Using this edge the character my give up his movement to double the rate of fire of his weapon. with a -2 to all actions. This always results in an empty clip.

Sneak Attack

Requirements: Novice+, Thief, Stealth d8+
Honor? Rules of Combat? No no no, you my friend fight dirty and always seize the opportunity when it arises. During combat you may use a Stealth roll against your opponent. A success gives you +2 to your attack and damage rolls against that opponent on your next action or you may attack immediately with the normal multi-action penalty (effectively no penalty) with +2 damage. A raise will grant you the Drop (+4 to attack and damage on your next action or you may attack immediately with a +2 to attack and +4 to damage)

Trademark Vehicle

Requirements: Seasoned, Ace, relevant vehicle skill d8+
You have a feel for your vehicle which borders on the supernatural. The maneuverability you can squeeze out of it makes it difficult for anyone to get a decent shot at it. While driving a specific vehicle, all Shooting rolls to hit it are at -1. This Edge should be restricted to personal vehicles (so no dreadnaughts).
Sitting Duck

Improved Trademark Vehicle

Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Vehicle
As above except the penalty is at -2.
Sitting Duck

Tricky Fighter

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Agility or Smarts d8+
You suffer no MAP when using a Trick in the same round as a Fighting attack. You must choose which type of Trick this Edge applies to (Agility or Smarts) and must have a d8 in that Attribute. You may take this Edge twice to apply it to both kinds of Tricks.

Weapon Specialization

Requirements: Novice, Fighting/ Shooting/ Throwing d8+, Sufficient training
Your character has spent much time and effort mastering the most efficient way to wield his weapon. The heroes weapon now deals an extra d10 of damage instead of a d6 when attacking with a raise. This edge may be applied to any one weapon type (e.g. one handed swords, two handed maces, pistols .... etc.). The hero must be proficient with the desired weapon (See house Rules 1.7.3).

You Bastard!

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d10+, Common Bond
You take great umbrage whenever one of your friends gets hurt badly. Whenever a Wild Card ally (includes fellow PCs) is Incapacitated, your attacks against the opponent who struck the blow inflict an additional 1d6 damage.
Sitting Duck

Trick Shot
Requirements: Novice, Shooting d10+
There is a lot of down time in between your adventures and during the off days your character practices calling their shot on small targets. Your hero now gains a +2 to called shots while stationary and a +1 to called shots when a movement action is taken that is not running.

[1] It is assumed in Shaintar: Immortal Legends that a "Shield Bash" maneuver is like any two-weapon attack, but the Shield no longer adds to the user's Parry until his next action normally.)
[2] Using Deadlands' "Way of the Brave" damage rules, a Medium or lesser Shield would be a d4 weapon, while larger Shields count as d6 weapons.)
[3] Kor-In is a martial art form in Shaintar; references to this could be include any formalized martial arts training in your campaign