Official Websites

    • is the official home of Savage Mojo (who used to be called Talisman Studios) and all their gaming endeavors.
    • Is the number one resource (and also a wiki) dedicated to the Suzerain Universe. Details on the setting from realms and characters to artwork and fiction can be found here. Not so much a gaming site as a place where anyone and everyone can explore Suzerain.
    • Savage Mojo run their own web shop and offer 10% off the standard price of their pdfs versus the other on line outlets they use and still get to give more money to the creative talents responsible for the products if you buy from them direct.


    • The Fairfax Fellowship characters, pre generated at 4 different experience levels are here.

Character Sheets



    • None to date, but if you find anything Savage Mojo would love to hear about it.

Other Resources