Savage Worlds Core Rules FAQ

Last Update From Forum: 01.09.07

This section provides a compiled version of the Core Rules Questions maintained by Clint Black on the Pinnacle Forums. To ask more questions or to get the latest official Core Rules Questions, please visit the SW Official Core Rules Questions Forum. Thanks to Erik A. Dewey for the initial work on compiling the rules FAQ from the forums.

"Savage Worlds Revised" FAQ from Forum

"Savage Worlds Explorers Edition" FAQ from Forum


Official Errata for "Savage Worlds Revised" [PEG10000]

  • P34: Giant Killer edge summary - Bonus damage is +1d6, not +4.
  • P34: Holy/Unholy Warrior edge summary - Use of this edge costs 1 Power Point total, not 1 Power Point per creature affected.
  • P43: Shotguns - The cost of a Sawed-Off DB shotgun is $150, not $350.
  • P60: Readying Weapons - The penalty in the second part of the example should be -4, not -2.
  • P63: Small Targets - A vampire's heart is a tiny target (-6 penalty), not a small target
  • P84: Obscure power - The -6 attack penalty is the result of absolute blindness, not pitch darkness.
  • P91: Fright Table (Panicked) - The character immediately moves his full Pace plus running die away from the danger and is Shaken.
  • P94: Hunger - A successful Survival roll each day provides enough food and water for one person (five adults on a raise), not one person per raise.
  • P126: Drake - Fiery breath should refer to page 95, not page 97.
  • P126: Dragon - Fiery breath should refer to page 95, not page 97.
  • P130: Orc (Special Abilities) - Add infravision.
  • P130: Orc Chieftain - (Special Abilities) - Add infravision.
  • P144: Character sheet - Encumbrance is misspelled.

Oficial Errata for "Savage Worlds Explorers Edition" [PEG10010]

  • P49: Chainshaw damage is 2d6+4.
  • P49: Bayonet should say Str+d6 instead of Str+2 when affixed to a rifle.
  • P91: The descriptive text for Greater Healing should read:
    Greater healing restores wounds more than one hour old. This use of the power requires 10 Power Points, and otherwise works exactly like the healing power. It can also be used to neutralize poison and disease after the first 10 minutes has passed.
    Greater Healing can also heal Permanent Crippling Injuries.
    This requires an arcane skill roll at –4, 1d6 hours of time, and 20 Power Points. Only one casting is permitted per injury—if it fails, the injury really is permanent.
  • P94: The last paragraph under Telekinesis should say:
    Victims who are bashed into walls or other solid objects suffer the caster’s Spirit+d6 as damage. If a caster with a d12 Spirit smashes an orc into a wall, for example, the orc suffers d12+d6 damage.