So, you've joined this wiki and you don't see anything you want to contribute to. Well, just start adding some information and link to it from this page. Once we get a theme going, we'll figure out what to do with it. Don't be in the Savagepedia Sandbox!!!

New Ideas

Add your ideas to this page and we'll add them to the wiki as we go along.

  • Beginner GM Guide-As a novice Savage Worlds GM, I've found some of the terminology changes between other RPGS and this one confusing and trying to find some pregenerated but license free content has been a bear. This site has tons of great material, but only if you know what you are looking for, so I propose a beginner's area (similar to the introduction area) that would include the definitions of common terms (like the difference between an adventure, plot point, and one sheet) along with links to the relevant parts of this site. The benefit being that it makes the game that much more accessible to newbies, making them that much more apt to play this wonderful RPG. Thanks for making such a great, Savage place! Merlin4029
  • Site Visuals - Getting some art for the Savagepedia might be a good idea. A good border and some pictures for the pages linked in the Navigation bar would probably be awesome. Savage Conversions and Settings already have some art in them. Terhial
    • We need to be careful with art. Unless it's legally licensed (paid, open, or Creative Commons with attribution), we can't just add whatever images we'd like. In fact, most of the art we have is already exceeding those legal limits. ~Kristian
  • One Shots - Two-page adventures to help an unprepared GM look good. Another idea on the forums about dime novels.
  • Tricks and Traps - various traps and illusions (primitive, medieval, modern, sci-fi)
  • How about adding an index into all the Savage Bytes information. You could provide a section title, a brief description, and then a link to the corresponding Shark Bytes pdf. ohoh7
  • I have an idea for the Character Depot section. The name for it could be Character Conversion Demolition Derby. Basically we would take settings with massive casts of characters. Contributors to Savagepedia could add traits, skills, Edges, and Hindrances to the profiles of said characters in part or full. If necessary, we could also allow the listing of New Edges and Hindrances specific to those characters (or provide a link to an appropriate conversion document). I hope I'm making sense here. Anyway, I think some good starters for this could include Harry Potter (aided in part by Billybuck Dancer's rough draft), the Muppets, and the science fiction web comic Schlock Mercenary. What do you think, sirs? Sitting Duck
  • Would anyone be interested in links to 'real play' journals, either in or out of character? - an example of what I'm talking about would be the wiki my group has for our current Rippers game here jth1977

New Ideas Added

  • Gaming with Kids: Savage Worlds works great to introduce new blood to the game. I've found some good houserules that help keep the little ones engaged. Having a resource to pass along our hobby to the next generation would be great! JoeGun
    • Added page and linked from bottom of House Rules ~Kristian
  • Making of Savage Worlds**- This is very interesting and I don't think it is linked here yet. Shane tells about the creation of Savage Worlds. I am not sure in which section it would fit. tartex
  • Vehicles & Gear - I was just thinking about posting a couple things, when I realized there's no spot set aside for generic gear.
    • Added via Gear section.
  • A collection of Adventure Cards. Either downloadable or just new ideas. Some started here.
  • Game Aids section. This could provide pointers to tip sheets, character sheets, miniature links (which was mentioned by tartex a few weeks back), and more. This information could be added to the Important Links section, but I thought it's big enough to warrant its own section. ohoh7
    I've created some wound tokens with Gimp. They're designed for a one inch hole punch. Also this Showdown turn track. Are things like this worth adding to the Game Aids section? WildDude.
  • Savage Statistics tartex
  • Liber Arcana - a page to list Powers that you have created for your setting. Patrick-Hedges
    • A page with new Powers, new ABs, and a listing of alternate magic systems, would be even better. Emiricol
    • Yeah, that too. :) Patrick-Hedges
  • Index of Powers - much like the index of Edges and Hindrances, a listing of Powers and what product contains them. bretbo