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Mind Block
Requirements: Novice, AB (Psionics), Spirit d6+
As a Free Action, you can shut off your mind from psychic influences. You get a +4 to rolls resisting psionic powers. However, as long as the block is up, you cannot use your own powers. Dropping the Mind Block is also a Free Action.

Contributed By: Sitting Duck

Mind Block Auto Defense
Requirements: Seasoned, Danger Sense, Mind Block, Smarts d6+
Your Mind Block can go up without having to use a Free Action when someone uses an applicable psionic power against you. Any powers with a duration you are currently using automatically end when the block goes up.

Contributed By: Sitting Duck

Group Mind Block
Requirements: Veteran, Major Psionic, Mind Block, Spirit d8+
You can extend your Mind Block to a number of allies equal to one half your Smarts die type, so long as they're all within a Large Burst Template. This has to be consciously done, so it requires a Free Action even if you have Mind Block Auto Defense.

Contributed By: Sitting Duck

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