This page contains the links to the files (in PDF format) for a conversion for savage worlds of the Red Faction computer game. For those who don't remember this, Red Faction was a game originally released by Volition way back in the Playstation 2 era. It was set on the near future on Mars, and involved miners rising up against their capitalist oppressors, the Ultor Corporation.

Although it was a decent enough FPS, I mostly remember it fondly because the second sequel, Red Faction Guerilla, was one of my all-time favourite games. Eventually I hope to add a second setting conversion appropriate to guerilla (which will have significant differences, chiefly because at that point Mars was terraformed and had breathable air), so this is just warmup.

I have also included a short campaign that very loosely follows the story of the original computer game.

A quick overview of the file content:
"Red Faction.PDF" contains the bulk text detailing the campaign, as well as some general introduction text. Only really needed if you want to run the campaign.
"graphics1.PDF" contains most of the setting information, including:
- special rules relevant to the setting (gravity, atmosphere etc.)
- Equipment stats (weapons, tech, vehicles etc., all fairly near-future, so most weapons are conventional guns)
- Statblocks for typical miners, ultor guards, robots, and NPCs common to the computer game.
- Maps of the ultor complex and various facilities are various scales (in the close-in scale, consider the grids to be inch squares - in our local group we tend to map to D&D 3.5 ed geometry rules) - thanks to NASA for making actual sattelite photos of mars available.
- Example PC character sheets (sorry about the colours, doesn't work as well as I hoped, may need lightening in the print settings)

Anyway, feel free to enjoy in any way you deem fit,