Pregenerated Characters

This page provides pregenerated characters that you can use for a one shot or as a way to start your own character.

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Generic Settings


  • Akaradolk - A novice dwarven adventurer. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Astner - A novice human cleric. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Beta Flatfinger - A novice halfling. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Galloran - A small, novice human wizard with the drive to prove himself. nevereverend
  • Gardiff - A novice, human warrior, Gardiff is a hulking brute with a heart of gold. nevereverend
  • Gatun - A novice woodsman raised by wolves, gypsies and thieves who now resides in the dangerous City of Tuam.
  • Hugo Rune - A novice sorcerer whose
  • Hutchins - A novice, human archer who's also a bit of a coward. nevereverend
  • Jorgindel - A novice elf. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Kirla D'sa - A novice human fighter. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Leopold von Stadt - A novice human wizard. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Lord Adoward the Shieldheart - A novice ill-suited nobleman. Useable as pregenerated character. bif
  • Praterkarli - A novice human thief. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Lightning Lizard - A summoned guardian alternative for Hugo Rune.


  • Juan Carlos - Portugese navigator with a Spain-sized chip on his shoulder.renny


  • Muscles Malone - Prohibition Era muscle bound enforcer. Grungydan
  • The Red Death - Seasoned - Assassin who kills only the wicked. nevereverend



  • Al Cooper - An obese biker. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Benjamin Cooper - A conspiracy theorist out to prove that The Government™ is behind the zombies. Grungydan
  • Debbie Sheehan - A high school cheerleader. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Edwin Downing - A hobby sniper and gun range owner. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.
  • Film Student - A collegiate film student with incredible courage and no sense of self-worth. Useable as pregenerated character. SlasherEpoch.

Sci Fi

  • Corinth (Cory) Terson - A street kid and ex-soldier (awol) from Atlas 3 who is working on The Pandora.
  • SGT Bob "Chopper" Hart - A young buck sergeant fighting back against the diabolical machines of the Robot uprising. Grungydan
  • Michael One - An escaped android trying to track down his cybernetic brothers and sisters before The Company hunts him down. Grungydan



  • Vitus Bowman - A brutish Hillbilly. Useable as pregenerated character. tartex.


  • Mar-R-LYN-1 - A troubleshooter from Alpha Complex that thinks diamonds are big lumps of black rock. (Paranoia)

Pinnacle Settings

50 Fathoms


  • X

Deadlands Reloaded

  • Benjamin Perth - A tenderfoot foreigner whose hell with a blade and can steal the horns off a steer. MountZionRyan
  • David Quick - A duelist who isn't long for this world. MountZionRyan
  • Paycheck - Judge_Holden
  • 8 Novice Pregens - The Cast of characters from the d7 Samurai Game Group Tony Felony

Low Life

  • X

Necessary Evil

Pirates of the Spanish Main

  • X


  • The Stalker - A close combat masked crusader with weird science gadgets. Talahar
  • The Black Swami - By day Gideon Simm is a humble alienist, by night he is the mysterious Black Swami. agentofping
  • Father Randor - Christian Monk and Knight of the Order of St George. agentofping
  • Joe Curse - Cursed by witchcraft, Furlough Brister became 'Joe Curse'; gun-tooting enemy of witches and warlocks. agentofping
  • Gravner Stone - Notorious playboy and consulting detective. agentofping
  • Zondo the Acrobat - Once a circus performer Zondo now uses his acrobatic skills to 'take back the night'. agentofping
  • Doktor Georgi Abromovitch Krasne - Former unwitting tool of the Cabal, the 'Red Doctor' now fights with the Rippers. agentofping
  • Caspian 'Joe' Oxley - Adventurer and big game hunter who now stalks the creatures of the night. agentofping
  • Alabaster Warren - One of Scotland Yard's most idiosyncratic detectives. agentofping
  • Clancy Garrett - High plains drifter whose blazing six gun is the last thing many a night terror has seen. renny
  • Peter Barnard - A dedicated policeman doing his duty. PegInc.
  • Lutka Djambas - A tragic orphan with vengeance in her heart. PegInc.
  • Mack the Fist- A tough ex-soldier with a troubled past. PegInc.
  • Dr. Clarence Aberly - A talented Alienist with rare powers. PegInc.
  • St. John Montcrief - an English magician; also his background and recent grapaphone diary entries. Graham Wills
  • Sister Dorotea Maria Theresa - a happy Spanish Nun. Graham Wills


  • X

Solomon Kane

Space 1889 - Red Sands

  • Kurt Warwick - American adventurer with family ties to English blue-bloods

Tour of Darkness

Licensees Settings

Dawn of Legends

  • X



  • X


  • Janus - An Incinerator knight-infantryman. Emiricol


  • X

Ravaged Earth

  • X


  • X


  • X

Shaintar: Immortal Legend

Vampire Earth

  • X

Zombie Run

Novices usable as pregenerated characters. bif