Pinnacle FAQ

The following are questions Pinnacle (the publisher of Savage Worlds) is frequently asked and the answers most often provided by them. This information has been gathered from forum posts, press releases, Podcast interviews and personal conversations with Pinnacle staff; but is not in any way official. As such, this information is subject to change. Note that much of this information is also paraphrased from those sources and are not necessarily direct quotes (unless noted).

Q: When is <insert setting or rule book here> scheduled to be released?

A: Pinnacle staff have indicated that they won’t give exact release dates for products. This is a usual industry practice, as firm release dates are often missed (due to a variety of usually legitimate reasons) causing a backlash of angry e-mails and forum posts that are less than complementary to the publishers.

Q: Why hasn’t a setting or rule book announced or mentioned long ago not been released yet?

A: Shane Lacy Hensley stated recently on the Pinnacle forum: "The simple truth is some books have to come out at certain times for certain reasons (marketing, consumer demand, or most important how "done" it is when we get it in)."

Simon Lucas also stated recently on the Pinnacle forum: "I know there are a lot of lingering rumored products and half dreamed-of ideas that were kicked around a long time ago. It's fair to say that many of those will not see the light of day. Things have moved on, something similar has already been published, or the original author has had a change of heart. Whatever the reasons, we only have a limited amount of time and some previously mentioned projects will fall by the wayside to make room for newer ones. We've made a conscious effort not to announce things at so early a stage any more, so that we don't raise hopes for products we can't expect to promptly deliver. My hope is that we'll be able to tick off a few more of these long-awaited titles in the coming months and continue to add some cool new products to the list."

Q: Why does my Savage Worlds book look different than my friend's book or books I've seen in my favorite local game store?

A: There have been three printings of the Savage Worlds book, two published in hardback (1st and 2nd printing) and one in softback (3rd printing, aka: Explorer's Edition). While each book after the first is designated a different printing, they have rule changes that could qualify them as new editions. For easy reference, these are the three covers:



1st Printing
2nd Printing
3rd Printing

Shane Lacy Hensley indicated that all future printings of the book (or any other Pinnacle book in addition to the core rule book) will have a different cover from the previous book. The changes from 1st printing to 2nd printing can be found in this PDF document here. The changes from 2nd printing to 3rd printing can be found in this PDF document here.

Q: Why doesn't my local big chain book store carry Pinnacle products?

A: Shane Lacy Hensley once wrote on this topic at the Pinnacle forum: "The book trade won't carry us. I officially told them to go suck an egg. Unofficially, I can tell you that we could care less. It'd be nice, but *all* the book chains are notorious for returns. Some very good friends of mine at another company are considering closing their doors because of a nasty return. They rushed to print a ton of books of a major license before Christmas last year for the book trade, weren't paid until 6 months later, and just last week got returns in the neighborhood of $30,000 which they must pay for in cash. The kicker was that the routing showed the boxes had *never even left their sorting house*. In other words, they never made it to shelves where they *could* sell. Let me tell you that this is not the kind of money any of us besides WOTC and White Wolf have. This is not an aberration, unfortunately. I was hit for $24,000 in returns a few years back when PEG was at the height of its troubles, and those were two years old. Maybe I'll talk about this in a Shooting Blind soon... "

Q: Can I use the Savaged Logo (featuring Savage Jack) on my Homebrew project?

A: No, this logo is only available to publishers who have paid for the right to use it. There is a fan logo (which this site uses in the top left corner of this page) that non-publishers can use for fan-made projects and other not-for-profit uses. The logos and the official rules for using them can be found here.

Q: What is a Plot Point campaign?

A: Plot Point campaigns are a kind of adventure path that contain several adventures that, in many cases, could be played in just about any order. They're intention is to provide the busy gamemaster with adventures and a campaign that could be prepared very quickly. More details can be found in the PDF here.

Q: Will the various Toolkits be sold as a bundle?

A: Pinnacle has mentioned that there is currently no plan to sell the Toolkits as a group or in bundles. They will be sold as softback Companion products, but will not include all the information from all the Toolkits (most notably, world-building details).

Q: Will the Toolkits ever be published as hardback or softback books?

A: Shane Lacy Hensley mentioned that Pinnacle would like to publish the Toolkits in hardback or softback, but several elements need to be sorted out before they can proceed on this. Apparently some movement on this front happen as we now have Toolkit material being sold as Companion books.

Q: Do I need the core rules to play settings licensed to Pinnacle, like The Savage World of Solomon Kane? What about settings published by companies licensed to use the rules, like Reality Blurs' Runepunk?

A: The current plan is that the games Pinnacle has been authorized to publish (such as The Savage World of Solomon Kane) will contain a version of the Savage Worlds Rules that are tailored to the setting. A company like Reality Blurs that publishes settings through a license requires the core book to play.

Q: I heard that Pinnacle had the license from Wizkids to publish a Rocketmen and a Mage Knight game . What happened?

A: Pinnacle is not going to publish these games due to the cancelling of the Rocketmen and a Mage Knight lines by Wizkids. There is a chance Mage Knight might be published if Wizkids re-launches the line again; but nothing is known for certain. It should be noted that a draft of Rocketmen (and possiblity Mage Knight ) has been written by Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams (Pinnalce's former resident wordsmith).

Q: Is Blood Moon still a potential Savage Setting? I seem to recall that it was very Solomon Kane-like, so now that we have the "real" Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane, is Blood Moon cancelled? (paraphrasing Matt "MadTinkerer")

A: Shane Lacy Hensley stated recently on the Pinnacle forum: "Blood Moon, as it evolved, isn't at all like Solomon Kane, though it has a Solomon Kane-like archetype. Will I ever actually do it? I don't know. We have so many books backlogged now that we won't really decide until we get all these others out."

Q: Is the D20 Deadlands still in print?

A: Joe Unger stated recently on the Pinnacle forum: "Deadlands D20 products are no longer being printed in favor of Pinnacle's own Savage Worlds system. You will find any remaining stock in Pinnacle's on-line store, the Studio 2 Store and other game outlets."

Q: Didn't I hear a rumor about a Deadlands Video Game (possibly a MMO game) being worked on?

A: Shane Lacy Hensley's recently responded with, "I've since learned not to talk about the project for fear of jinxing it, but suffice to say I'm in the desert for a reason..."

Q: What is the deal with Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Great White Games and Studio2?

A: Pinnacle Entertainment Group (also known as PEG) was the publisher of Deadlands: The Weird West, Deadlands: Hell on Earth, Deadlands: Lost Colony and Weird Wars game lines. PEG, inc. licensed the Deadlands brand for spin-off products such as the Doomtown CCG and Range Wars. Pinnacle does not make Deadlands licensed products such as GURPS Deadlands. (GURPS Deadlands is by Steve Jackson Games. ) The Pinnacle website and the Products & Links FAQ have links to all of the Deadlands licensors.

Studio2 handles printing and distribution of Pinnacle books.

From early 2003 to late 2005, Great White Games took over the Pinnacle brands and was the publisher of Savage Worlds books. But Shane says: “Great White Games is our corporate name. Pinnacle Entertainment Group is our label, and we'll be returning to 'Doing Business As' PEG. Why? When the old incarnation of Pinnacle closed down, I needed some distance for legal and personal reasons. Thus GWG. I had hoped we'd have a fresh start and create a new image, and to some degree that's succeeded (thanks particularly to Simon, Wiggy, and a score of other folks who have helped us carry the torch). But at the end of the day, I'm still me and all my Edges and Hindrances are baked into whatever we call ourselves. Simon, Wiggy, and I decided to return to using the Pinnacle brand name because people knew it better, and with the return of Deadlands it just seemed right. So that's the short and sweet of it. There's no grand conspiracy, no big secret, and no undue corporate shenanigans. Just the return of a name that means a lot to us, warts and all."