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Licensee Sites

  • 12 to Midnight - Publisher of horrific adventures (such as Last Rites and Weekend Warriors) and the Pinebox Setting.
  • Adamant Entertainment - Publisher of Mars.
  • Arc Dream Publishing - Publisher of the Savage version of The Kerberos Club.
  • Atomic Overmind - Publisher of The Day After Ragnarok.
  • Battlefield Press - Publisher of historical-themed settings and adventures for Savage Worlds.
  • Daring Entertainment - Publisher of War of the Dead, GET Into Action, and Dawn of Legends.
  • Digital Adventures - Publisher's properties (primarily Fantasy Grounds) was sold to **SmiteWorks**
  • Double G Press - Publisher (now defunct ) who was going to publish the Ravaged Earth Society.
  • Jessup Games - Publisher of the upcoming Aetherbound.
  • Legion Publishing - Publisher of official license for Deadlands, Hell on Earth, Lost Colony, and Weird Wars.
  • Melior Via - Publisher of //Accursed//, The Thin Blue Line - A Detroit Police Story, and Savage Lairs.
  • Modiphius - Publisher of the World War Two Achtung! Cthulhu setting
  • Mutha Oith - Publisher of support products for Low Life, a official Savage Setting.
  • Mystical Throne Entertainment - Publisher of Mercenary Breed, Ancient World, Ultimate Guides, Judgment Day, and Faith & Demons: The Rising.
  • Phipps Gaming Studios - Publisher of Winterweir and the upcoming Black Hole and Has to be Done settings.
  • Prometheus Games - Publisher of the upcoming German language edition of Savage Worlds.
  • Reality Blurs - Publisher of the RunePunk setting, Powers and Perils, Agents of Oblivion, Realms of Cthulhu , among others.
  • Rebel Minis - Publisher of the Dark Hold setting.
  • Savagemojo - (formerly known as Talisman Studios) Publisher of Suzerain.
  • Sinister Adventures - Publisher of the Dark Vistas (Fantasy) line of adventures and the Dark Horizons (Sci-fi) line of adventures for Savage Worlds.
  • SmiteWorks - Creators of the Savage Worlds ruleset and other content for Fantasy Grounds, a "virtual online gaming table".
  • Triple Ace Games - Publisher of Sundered Skies, Daring Tales (Pulp adventures), Necropolis 2350, and Hellfrost.
  • VampJac Productions - Publisher of the Vampire Earth setting.
  • White Haired Man - Publisher of the Kith'takharos setting and adventures for Savage Worlds.
  • WorldWorks Games - Publisher of quality paper minatures and adventure modules for Savage Worlds..

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Miscellaneous Sites

  • Arcane Times - Cheyenne Wright's website. Cheyenne is the artist for many Pinnacle products.
  • Andy - The creator / artist of Low Life, which was made into a official Savage Setting, and other projects.
  • Storn A. Cook Illustrations - Artist on several Savage Worlds Products, perhaps most notably Necessary Evil.
  • Studio 2 Publishing - The sales/marketing and fulfillment service used by Pinnacle to help produce their products.
  • The Weird West Wiki - Includes the Accumulated Rulings of the old listserv as compiled by Allan Seyberth, as well as music suggestions to set the mood for all the Deadlands settings. This isn't a Savage link per se, but a lot of folks are still using the Classic rules, so we'll make an exception for this one .
  • Wikipedia Savage Worlds Overview - A good overview on wikipedia.

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