• Cyberpunk - Rules for a classic-style Cyberpunk game; from Triple Ace Games.
  • Wizards & Warriors - A free [[#|fantasy]] campaign primer from Pinnacle that works well with the Test Drive rules 5.1 (link to PDF).

Character Sheets


Pre-generated Characters



  • Combat Survival Guide - list of combat options by Paul Kasper (link to PDF). French version here.
  • Combat Guide- A handy Player handout, detailing combat options - a great inspiration in combat.
  • Custom Adventure Cards - Generates custom Adventure Cards.
  • Fantasy Companion Loot Generator - Generates random loot using the tables presented in the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion.
  • Dice Odds Calculator - Although it doesn't include the Wild Die, it's handy for estimating damage rolls and stuff.
  • GM Screen Inserts - A PDF of the screen inserts for the core book. Setting specific inserts need to be purchased.
  • Deluxe GM Screen - A PDF of inserts designed for Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition.
  • Raise Calculator - Quickly counts raises based on a Target Number and a die roll result.
  • Savage Worlds Troop Builder - A system for valuing creatures and vehicles in Savage Worlds. Great for designing fair, balanced encounters. Also useful for making custom Showdown! scenarios.
  • Shaken & Wounded Pointers - One page PDF to cut out pointers to indicate wound status.
  • Western Name Generator - Based of the lists of factual names from The Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator.
  • Nationality Name Generator.xls - This Excel Spreadsheet generates 10 male or female names {both first and last} for the nationality you have chosen. ~Lord Skudley
  • Wheel of Raises - An one page PDF to cut out your own Raise Indicator.
  • Raise Cards - Lookup raises quickly with this PDF with 4 cards per page - cut out and laminate
  • Status Markers - Cool looking counters for wounds, fatigue, power points and shaken. No more paper records.
  • Deadlands Price List 4.0 - This Excel Spreadsheet contains several price lists for "Western" gear as well as a Random Price generator and a wages breakdown. Updated 4/15/2014 ~Lord Skudley
  • Deadlands Random Encounter Generator - Another Excel spreadsheet for my Deadlands game, It contains several encounter types to choose from. Updated 4/15/2014~Lord Skudley
  • Wound Tokens - Round wound tokens.

Figure Flats


Fantasy, Sci-fi, and more. Plenty of free pdf's.

Pinnacle or Licencee Figure Flats

Pre-Painted Minis

  • AT-43 - A superior Sci-Fi minis line from the renown Rackham company
  • Confrontation - A fantasy/Post-Apocalypse line from Rackham, going to pre-painted format in November 2007
  • Crystal Castle - Offers a line of minis (that come 5 to a box) called eM-4; covering several genres .
  • Forces of Valor - Military Replica-grade prepainted vehicles and figures
  • Hasbro - The Heroscape line has some nice minis usuable in a number of settings. Their bases are slightly bigger than "standard", though.
  • Knuckleduster - Specializes in Western Minis, offers a few pre-painted minis.
  • Miniature Building Authority - Prepainted terrain, some of it in 28mm. Also some figures.
  • WarToyz - Several lines of generally very good quality vehicles and figures
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • WizKids - Minis from multiple genres, from superheroes to Halo to BattleTech.

Virtual Tabletop and Play-by-Mail

  • Fantasy Grounds II - An application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games.
  • Battlegrounds: RPG Edition - A cross-platform commercial virtual tabletop program that supports Savage Worlds dice mechanics (no scripting required), card decks, and even lets you assign a card draw as your initiative. A free Demo is available for download.
  • Dabbleboard - A simple, collaborative whiteboard that you can use for online combat maps. Especially useful for PBP games.
  • MapTool - Java-based VTT. It's free and supports (or can be made to support) Savage Worlds
  • OpenRPG - Another VTT (Virtual Table Top). It is free and open-source. Though a bit clunky, it does have superb dice tools and 3rd party Adventure Deck and Initiative Card utilities are available.
  • Roleplay Online ( - A great play-by-post web site that has currently running Savage Worlds games.
  • Rondak's Portal - Another great play-by-post web site that features a number of Savage Worlds games.
  • Scribbler - A free, online whiteboard and collaboration tool.
  • Roll20 - Web based online virtual tabletop for all roleplaying games.