Advanced Mind (4): A Kittani starts with a d6 in both Smarts and Spirit.

Conqueror's Mindset (-2): Kittani are ingrained with a belief that they are a superior race meant to dominate lesser beings, and start with either the Arrogant or Overconfident Hindrance.

Distinctive D-Bee (-1): Their simian features and bulbous skulls mark them as inhuman, though these can be concealed with some difficulty.

Gearhead (2): A Kittani can either start with the Power Armor Jock or Robot Armor Jock Edge, or get a free d6 in any two of the following skills: Boating, Driving, Piloting, Repair, and any technology-focused Knowledge skill.

Superstitious Mumbo Jumbo (-1): The Kittani long ago abandoned magic in favor of science. This combined with the Splugorth actively discouraging them from pursuing the mystic arts means that they cannot take an Arcane Background which uses PPE.

Contributed By; Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 2: Atlantis


Aquatic (2): Naut'Yll are most at home in the oceans. They are capable of breathing underwater and receive a free d6 in Swimming.

Dependency (-2): A Naut'Yll takes a level of Fatigue for every twenty-four hours in which he doesn't spend at least one hour immersed in water. An hour of immersion restores a level of Fatigue gained that way.

Distinctive D-Bee (-2): Naut'Yll look like a miniature wingless Cthulhus.

Environmental Resistance (Cold) (1): Acclimated to the chilly ocean waters, Naut'Yll receive a +4 in resisting the effects of cold.

Military Upbringing (1): Naut'Yll start with a free d6 in either Fighting or Shooting.

Under Pressure (2): Living in the pressures of the ocean depths gives a Naut'yll a starting Vigor of d6 instead of d4.

Contributed By; Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 7: Underseas

Pogtalian Dragon Slayers

Bite (1): Pogtalians have a nasty set of chompers which can inflict Str+d6 damage.

Code of Honor (-2): Pogtalians will not fight someone who has no means of defending himself and/or who has grossly inferior combat skills. To do otherwise would offend their pride as warriors.

Distinctive D-Bee (-2): Something as big and ugly as a Pogtalian doesn't exactly blend in outside Atlantis and similar monster enclaves.

Dragon Slaying Time (2): A Pogtalian gets Arcane Background (Super Powers) and starts with the armor power. Other powers which can be taken include boost trait (Fighting, Strength, and Vigor only), growth, healing, smite, succor, and warrior's gift. All powers have a range of Self.

Non-Standard Physiology (-1): Big as they are, Pogtalians have trouble using gear not designed to be wielded by power armor or a robot vehicle.

Racial Enemy (-1): For some reason, dragons don't really like Pogtalians, who suffer a -4 Charisma when dealing with them.

Repulsive (-1): A Pogtalian sports a face that could stop a thousand clocks, resulting in a -2 Charisma when dealing with other races (in the case of dragons, this is in addition to the Racial Enemy penalty).

Size +3 (3): Pogtalians are capable of looking a robot vehicle in the eye.

Strong (2): Pogtalians start with a d6 in Strength.

Warrior Culture (1): Pogtalians start with a d6 in Fighting.

Contributed by: Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms

Psi-X Aliens

Brainiac (2): Psi-X have a starting Smarts of d6 instead of d4.

Distinctive D-Bee (-1): Unless they make an effort to conceal it, Psi-X are noticeably inhuman in appearance.

Enhanced Vision (2): A Psi-X requires minimal light and can see in the infra-red spectrum. Dim and Dark penalties are ignored, while Pitch Black penalties are halved when fighting opponents who radiate heat.

Frail (-2): Psi-X have -1 Toughness.

Light Sensitive (-1): Unless wearing shades, Psi-X are treated as possessing the Bad Eyes Hindrance while in normal lighting.

Mentally Juiced (2): A Psi-X starts with an additional ten ISP.

Mentally Unbalanced (-2): A Psi-X must take the major version of either the Delusional, Mania, or Phobia Hindrances.

Natural Psychic (2): All Psi-X start with Arcane Background (Psionics), selecting from the Mind Melter power list.

Powered Up (2): A Psi-X can start with either the Major Psionic Edge or any one Power Edge. Requirements (aside from Rank) must be met.

Personal Levitation (1): A Psi-X can float about at his Pace up to four feet off the ground.

Wimpy (-3): Psi-X suffer a -2 to all Strength checks.

Contributed by: Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 13: Lone Star

Tirrvol Sword Fist

A Fist Full of Sword (4): Both arms end with a blade-like bone that can inflict Strength +d8 damage. What's more, they can fight with both equally well, effectively possessing the Ambidextrous Edge.

Distinctive D-Bee (-2): When your arms end in hunks of razor-sharp bone, people tend to notice.

Fumble-Toed (-1): While a Tirrvol's feet are prehensile, they don't have quite the same flexibility as true hands. A -2 is applied to all skill rolls involving fine manual dexterity.

Mush Mouth (-2): The Tirrvol spoken language is reminiscent of the vocalizations made by dolphins, and as a result they have trouble with most other spoken languages. As well as taking a -2 to speech-based uses of Intimidation, Persuasion, and Taunt, they cannot take Arcane Backgrounds that employ spoken spells (which includes the Ley Line Walker and Mystic IFs).

Non-Standard Physiology (-1): Not only does armor and such have to be scaled up, but gloves really aren't an option.

Size +2 (2): Tyrrvol range from eight to twelve feet in height.

Strong (2): Tyrrvol have a starting Strength of d6.

Contributed by: Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign


Armored (1): Tokanii are covered with bone-like plating which provides two points of Armor.

Bad Reputation (-1): Tokanii are notorious for their uncompromising brutality and have -2 Charisma when interacting with civilized folks.

Distinctive D-Bee (-2): Tokanii are naturally armor-plated and hulking, as well as possessing a generally demonic appearance.

Keen Eyes (1): Tokanii receive a +2 to all vision-based Notice rolls.

Night Vision (1): Tokanii ignore Lighting penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

Non-Standard Physiology (-1): Tokanii find most armor, vehicles, etc. designed for humans to be a tight squeeze.

Size +1 (1): Tokanii average seven to nine feet in height and have a bulky build.

Sturdy (2): Tokanii have a starting Vigor of d6 instead of d4.

Contributed by: Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 13: Lone Star

True Atlanteans

Arcane Inclination (1): True Atlanteans possess high levels of arcane energy, and start with five Power Points in addition to any received from an Arcane Background.

Cyber Resistant (-1): The mystical nature of the True Atlanteans makes them ill-suited for cybernetic augmentation. They cannot take any Iconic Frameworks which includes cybernetics, nor may they roll on the Cybernetics Benefit Table.

Exceptional (2): True Atlanteans skew higher than the human average and get six points to spend on attributes during character creation instead of five.

Hunted (-3): With their reputation as do-gooders, True Atlanteans are hounded by villainous types on a regular basis. As well as being effectively Wanted in territories controlled by those who wish them ill, when in conflict with such beings who recognize their Atlantean heritage, they will always attack the Atlantean first.

Ley Line Affinity (1): True Atlantean Ley Line Walkers get to waive the Rank Requirements for their Iconic Edges. Non-Ley Line Walker Atlanteans can gain the Ley Line Rejuvenation and Ley Line Sense abilities as if they were Novice Edges and can take the Ley Line Phasing Edge, but with a Heroic Rank requirement.

Mark of Heritage (2): As children, all True Atlanteans receive a magic tattoo which grants the use of the Holy Warrior Edge.

Contributed by: Sitting Duck
Original Source: World Book 2: Atlantis