Balan of Malak

swash.jpgRank: Novice XP: 10
Attributes: Agility d8+2, Smarts d8, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d4
Skills: Climbing d6+2, Fighting d8, Guts d4, Lockpicking d6+2, Notice d8, Riding d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d8+2, Streetwise d8
Languages: Malakaran, Galean, Aradish
Pace: 6; Parry: 8; Toughness: 4(5)
Hindrances: Enemy: Malakar Dominion (Major), Loyal (Minor), Wanted: Treason to Dominion (Minor)
Edges: Acrobat, Thief, Two-Fisted, Skills (Fighting, Shooting), Skills (Stealth, Notice)
Gear: Rapier x2, Bow, Full Leather Armor, Bracers, Basic Survival Gear, Small Horse and Tack, Rations for a week (including horse), Lockpicks, Climbing Gear

Description: Balan is a fairly short, slender man of typical Malakar traits. He wears leather armor with a hood that usually masks his face, and his boots are soft leather. He moves quietly and quickly, often startling people who don't hear him come up. He carries a bow strapped to his back, and at his sides are two rapiers, which he wields in battle.

History: Balan was born and raised in Malak, the great city of the Malakar Dominion. As with many people in the Dominion, Balan made his living working for a guild of spies and thieves, and quickly proved his worth again and again in battle and on the streets. Unfortunately, his captain was caught stealing from the guild, and they put a hit on him. Balan, loyal to the end, helped his captain escape and thus sealed his fate. He had to ride for his life, and barely made it out of Malak alive. He found refuge in the nation of Olara, and has put his skills to use ever since then, but now working for himself.

References: By Emiricol, using core book and Shaintar: Immortal Legends