Aubrey Harrington

Rank: Novice XP: 0
Attributes: Agility D4, Smarts D8, Spirit D8, Strength D4, Vigour D6
Skills: Knowledge – Masaquani D6, Fighting D4, Guts D6, Healing D8, Knowledge – Naturalist D8, Notice D8, Survival D6, Swimming D4
Charisma 0; Pace: 6"; Parry: 4; Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Doubting Thomas, Quirk – values his notebooks above his life
Edges: Healer, Luck
Gear: 275 silver pieces; Walking Stick, Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Flint & Steel, Leather Satchel, Map of Caribdus, Soap & Razor, Rope, Waterskin, Notebooks, Quill & Ink

A man of middling years, distinguished features, high intelligent brow and a kind face. He dresses simply and practically in stout canvas trousers, good boots and cotton shirt - his formally fine clothing is gradually ‘going native’, as is the man himself. He does try to shave every day however as one should try to keep up appearences.

Trained as a doctor (and a damn good one at that), Aubrey became a ship’s surgeon in the British Navy (seeing action at Trafalgar as well as other places). He also received a broad and excellent education in his youth and maintained a keen interest in zoology and biology into his adult years. When the chance came to be chief naturalist on an expedition to South America to gather samples for the Royal Society he jumped at the chance.

The expedition was barely underway however when, responding to the eerie cries of what was thought to be a shipwreck survivor lost in a fog bank, the ship found itself in the midst of a terrible storm the like of which the Captain (of many years experience) had never seen the like of. The ship survived the tempest but when the skies cleared, the bedraggled crew found they were in a place not marked on any charts. Before they could learn the truth their ship was attacked by pirates – some appeared human, some did not… They set upon the exhausted crew and would have massacred them all had they not been driven off by the timely arrival of Admiral Nelson Duckworth and the H.M.S. Justice.

Their ship was escorted to Baltimus and Aubrey could have taken a position with the Admiral (the two striking up an instant friendship) as ship’s surgeon aboard his flagship. However the lure of discovery and the chance to document and (by the grace of God) someday present his findings to the Royal Society was too strong. Perhaps rather foolhardily Aubrey opted to become an explorer in this new and alien world, determined to unlock its secrets and record its many wonders.

Aubrey is fully aware of the dangers he faces exploring the often savage world of Caribdus, but the quest for knowledge must go on. He honestly can’t understand why anyone would stand in the way of scientific discovery. Luckily his skill in the medical arts is always in demand and it is easy for him to get working passage on a ship. He is a good and caring man, if slightly foolhardy (as is often the way with explorers). Always a determined rationalist, his disbelief in the supernatural is not so much now a denial that such phenomenon exists, more his belief that there simply has to be a rational scientific explanation for it. He is constantly recording his findings and periodically returns to Baltimus where he gives his precious notebooks over to Admiral Duckworth for safe keeping. Duckworth, having a keen amateur interest in such things, is happy to oblige. Not much of a fighter, the extent of his combat skills generally consist of whacking opponents with his walking stick.

Quote: “Here be dragons…”

Likeness: John Hannah

References: 50 Fathoms pre-generated player character by agentofping