Alabaster Warren

Rank: Novice XP: 0
Attributes: Agility D4, Smarts D10, Spirit D8, Strength D4, Vigor D4
Skills: Fighting D4, Shooting D4, Guts D6, Intimidation D6, Investigation D8, Notice D4, Streetwise D8, Taunt D6
Languages: English, Latin, Greek, German, Criminal Cant
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6"; Parry: 4; Toughness: 4
Status: 5; Reason: 0
Hindrances: Bad Eyes, Orders - Scotland Yard
Edges: Investigator, Strong Willed
Gear: £1.25; Derringer (+50 rounds), Pocket Watch, Notepad, Fountain Pen (engraved), Spyglass, Pipe, Matches, Tobacco, Tinted Spectacles, Common Clothing

Pale skin. Head (crowned by conservatively cut, bone coloured hair) features a long delicate nose and a small, precise mouth - rose-tinted spectacles habitually cover rose-tinted eyes.

Inspector Alabaster Warren is one of Scotland Yard’s most singular (and striking) talents. Born to wealthy middleclass parents (the youngest of five) he was a sickly child with the albino condition - his skin and eyes lacking any pigmentation. He was to spend most of his early life confined to a sick bed – where a succession of doctors would often tell his parents he would not see out the year. Despite (or perhaps because of) his bodies frailness his mind was sharp and clever and he exercised it constantly, both with the help of the tutors his parents hired to educate him, but mostly by reading anything and everything he could to while away the solitary hours he spent recovering from this ailment or that.

When he was fit enough, he like his brothers and sister was packed off to boarding school where he faired extremely well academically, but not so well socially. His early years of isolation, together with his odd appearance did not make him many friends and would often bring unwanted attention. Realising that he did not have the brawn to defend himself, he instead chose to use his brain to outfox his would-be tormentors. It was probably these early encounters and his studies into the behavior of his persecutors that would lead him to pursue his eventual career.

His father (a well respected and high ranking government official) had wanted all his sons to follow him into the Civil Service. Alabaster defied his father’s wishes however determined to join the police force. After much bitter argument his father eventually relented (and in fact used his influence to secure his son a position at Scotland Yard, perhaps recognising that his singular talents would be wasted behind a desk).

Despite his idiosyncratic nature he quickly rose to the rank of inspector, becoming recognised as one of the Yard’s most talented detectives and developing a reputation for solving the most perplexing and peculiar crimes (the Hobbs Lane murders and the affair of the Peking Homunculus are two that spring to mind). Any cases that would defy logic or reason would be routinely (and gladly) handed over the Inspector Warren of the Yard and it was through these investigations that he came into contact with the Rippers.

Although not as yet a fully fledged member, his is certainly well aware of the sorts of affairs in which they become embroiled. He has aided them in the past, recognising the evil they resist, but for the time being he feels his duty is still first and foremost as an officer of the law.

Alabaster has a mind that can turn on a six-pence and believes strongly in the law and justice for the innocent. Able to move seamlessly between cultured society and the dingiest corners of London’s criminal underworld, he realises that his intellect and will are the only real edges he has and he uses them both to the fullest. Although no coward, when the 'rough stuff' is required he is quite happy to step back out of the way, light up his pipe and let half a dozen stout bobbies pile in when needed.

Quote: “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool.”

Likeness: Alan Cummings

References: Rippers player character by agentofping