PaxFarm (micro corporation; New Pittsburgh and Kobia only)
Corporate Symbol: the letters “PF,” drawn as the trunk of an apple tree
Church Stance: strongly anti-Church
Primary Industries: food and farm products

PaxFarm operates industrial farms in Kobia and New Pittsburgh. In addition to producing food products, like beef and grain, PaxFarm harvests non-food agricultural products, like tobacco, cotton, wool, and pharmaceutical plant extracts (sold as raw material to refiners like Biogen).

A very minor corporation, PaxFarm cannot afford to keep a military-level security force on all of its widespread land-holdings. In order to protect its lucrative extra-territorial operations, the company has a long-term contract with the Free Legion to provide services in the unclaimed territories. PaxFarm’s River Wye receiving center currently has Legio II headquartered on its premises and the Legio’s centuries scattered widely throughout the territory at various PaxFarm facilities.

PaxFarm has encouraged cash-crop production, and especially tobacco growers, along the River Wye, and it will strongly resist the Church’s efforts to claim the region.

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